So, after many months of changing layouts, editing, changing layouts again and finally getting in the groove of learning how to creating a website I’ve done it! Wahoo! While website work can definitely be creative it’s just not my chosen form creative activity. There were times recently that I was guilty of painting when I should have been in front of the computer but what can I say I love to paint my days away.

Now that it’s all set up, I feel that I’ve gotten over that first major hurdle of getting my creative business up and running. As a creative mind I have a number projects that I want to run through my website but I’ve had to tell myself it’s a marathon not a sprint and to take one step at time, so get prepared to see this website evolve over time. First of all, obviously I’m using it as the platform to sell my Art from and to also have it as my main platform to keep those who are interested up to date with blogposts and also monthly Newsletters.

The main goal is to create a community, whether you appreciate Art for its aesthetics or maybe even curious about getting into an Art practice yourself, I want this space to have something for everyone.