I had good intentions to do a second post pretty quickly launching my website, but in typical real life fashion that just hasn’t happened.  The 2 week winter school holidays was taken up with both Chloe and I getting sick with a virus that knocked us both out of action for a while.  Since then Chloe has been sick weekly with ether colds or upset stomachs, some winters are like this for her (well actually all winters have been like that for her apart from last year she got a break thanks to the benefits of lockdowns and social distancing).  So that is why it’s been quiet around here . . . it is what it is and not much we can do about it.

As you all know my Creative space has been the Dining Table . . . the one place that has a decent area space to spread all my creations out.  It was working well but yes already compact dining area was taken up with my paintings and art supplies.  Also everything would ether have to be packed up or pushed to the side at the end of each day before the school pick up, which had it’s downsides.  Plus Miss Chloe who is a Art lover herself would love to come touch stuff that I would rather she didn’t but would also like to borrow my supplies . . . lets just say my Pastels were being used in place of her Crayons and Washi tape would go wondering for her own very important projects.

There are some ideas and plans floating around between me and the Husband of what could be done in the future for my own set Studio space,  but this also ties in with plans for creating much needed storage space that comes with having lifestyle block and also giving Laurie his own office space.  All of this is going to take sometime . . . how much time is hard to say.  So in the meantime we are trying to make it work in our shared office space.  We already had two desks but one had a Scanner/Printer on it, Video Equipment, forgotten piles of paperwork and just dumping ground of things that hadn’t been put away.  Hubby suggested we clear the desk completely and that can now be my allocated space.

So far it’s working well, feels like a treat now that I don’t have pack my tools, clean up and put away paintings at 3pm.  It’s just taking a bit to get into the creative flow again in my new space, it won’t take long though as it’s not a completely foreign new place for me.  I think it’s going to be extremely beneficial having my creative space out of the house and will help set up boundaries to create a better routine for creative work time.  There are a few small niggly annoying things but nothing major and knowing that it’s just a temporary set up that won’t be forever makes a difference.

There are 10 pieces that I need to get onto my shop page, they are all differing styles and some I created back at the beginning of 2020.  Most of them are needing to be photographed before I can list them and this is where I have created bit of a block.  I want to create high quality and visually appealing images, the main issue is that I’m a bit (just a touch) picky with the backdrop.  Our own walls are a creamy tea natural tone (with many marks on them) and aren’t white which is what I would like use.  Until I work out a solution, I think I will just have to work with what we have and then ask Laurie kindly to photoshop out the marks on our walls.  Once I’ve kicked myself out of this block and just do it, I will send out a newsletter when the pieces launched in the Shop.  Until then I‘m going to sketchbook only paint sessions and ban myself from creating anymore pieces.  Hopefully this incentive will help.

There we have it, that’s what’s been going on and what the plan is for the next few weeks.  Until next time.